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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think "what turns me on..." is male dominance... the right one and the beautiful one. A dominant man knows what he wants and what I want. It's when you can feel the strength and confidence in what a man is doing around him. It's also the charisma that excites me. When a man can present himself correctly and lead in different situations. A witty answer, beautiful and confident speech, the right interaction with others - all of these things form an image that can make me bite my lower lip. I am also aroused by strong men's hands. Immediately I imagine how they can squeeze me and...ugh... Big palms, hands, fingers. I am ready to look at them for hours. Strong male hands are my weakness. It turns me on, excites me and makes me submit. A woman is programmed to get excited at the sight of a physically developed, handsome and wealthy man. Nevertheless, muscles and bills in my pocket are not a pass to my world of arousal.


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I'm MollyBrans!

How you doing sexy?

I can't be too bold can I? I'm MollyBrans and I want you! I know all the right buttons to push baby. I want you to fuck the english, spanish out of me until I can't say another word.

Have a good time without me… but not too good… cum chat again soon!

Height: 5'4" - 5'9"

Age: 18

Sex: female

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: brown

Weight: 100 - 120 lbs

Ethnicity: latin

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